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155: Writing Your Business’ Future Down with Cameron Herold

January 9, 2019
Part of business is looking out into the future, that is why we have all of these vision statements around. However, what most entrepreneurs miss is the aspect of actually laying down into details what that future is. As a result, no one in the company knows exactly what they are working towards in each step. Known around the world as the CEO Whisperer and marketing and PR expert, Cameron Herold talks about leaning out into the future and getting the employees to own the outcome and the result. Cameron puts forward the need to make your people feel that they are part of something, placing right in front of them the scheme of things in the company and having them take ownership of their roles within that. Tapping into his PR expertise, Cameron offers some great tips for those who are trying to generate some free PR, giving pointers on who to call and how to do it.