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110: Randy Pennington - Embrace Change To Stay Relevant

December 11, 2017

 “Spineating: The human tendency to speak without thinking.” – Dr. Murlon Dye

“Organizations work, or don’t, because of great leaders…who are thinking about, ‘How do I help my team reconnect with its purpose?”

“Change doesn’t fail because we don’t know how to do change management. It doesn’t fail because of faulty management, it fails because of faulty leadership.”

“It’s never about the knowledge. It’s always about the emotional readiness to do something. It’s about that push to get there. And what pushes us? Crisis or pain or a really big opportunity.”

“Sometimes the promise of changing the world turns out to be just another job doing things.”

“Everybody says today you have to find your why…I’m not against having your why, I’m not against finding your purpose, I’m not against having passion, but I also know that some days you just gotta go do the work. Because sometime your passion will go away.”

“Ask me questions that will lead to new opportunities…The quality of the answers that we get in our life are in direct proportion to the quality of the questions that we ask.”

“We often define ourselves by our past, not by our potential.”

“A lot of companies are saying, ‘I want to have an excellent culture’. I look at it differently. I want you to have a culture of excellence.”

“The middle of the organization is where change goes to die.”

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