Business Done Differently with Jesse Cole

111: Aaron Walker - Mastermind Your Way To The Top

December 14, 2017

 “We spend a third of our time trying to help other people obtain their goals and dreams and as a result of that, we’re twice as successful financially as we’ve ever been.”

“Everybody wants to hold their cards close to their vest…but when you share, here’s what happens: other people want to be around you. Then they want to introduce you to other people.”

“There are givers and takers and you’re one or the other. I want to be the giver. I want to be the guy when he walks in, the room lights up.”

“Do both. I call and ask favors from people, but it’s not the only time I call them.”

“Life is so fun...when you do it right.”

“Nobody’s gonna sit around and talk about your failures and successes and I’ve learned to get over that…Fear missing an opportunity more than you fear failure.”

“You’ve gotta double down on what’s working…and even when it’s working right, eliminate 15% that’s on your plate.”

“We need more implementation. We got enough wisdom and knowledge, what you need to do is get your butt out there and get it in gear and work!”

“You gotta always be in the game!”

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.”

“I want to own the money, I don’t want the money to own me.”

“Isolation is the enemy of excellence.”

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