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115: Mike Michalowicz - Gain The Freedom That Is Profit First

January 1, 2018

115: Mike Michalowicz –

“I’m a huge fan of fear…I believe that anyone who starts a business, embrace the fear. Don’t live in it. Because over time it brings about stress. But fear will wake you up at 5 in the morning and it will have you working until 5 the next morning.”

“It’s very hard to remember specific conversations, all we remember is emotion… So a lot of the stuff that we experience is instantly forgotten, it’s just the end of emotion”

“[Unlike on shows like Shark Tank and The Profit] The reality is that 99.9% of businesses never get an investment outside of the founders and the family.”

“You must find the profit within yourself! And that’s my investment, giving them the knowledge and the mentorship, but not the money.  Seeking someone else to save us is the fallacy of so many businesses and I see it now more than ever.”

“The Profit First Formula is really simple: Sales-Profit=Expenses”

“Profit isn’t the whole focus [of my business] it’s the first focus…Profit is the foundation of a healthy business.”

“Successful people don’t look for other’s approval in their success and therefore don’t need to show it off.”

“There’s a truism of life in poker. When someone starts bluffing, that means they have a weak hand.”

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