Business Done Differently with Jesse Cole

171: The Show Business Philosophy: Creating Emotional Connection with Scott McKain

May 1, 2019

All businesses have different strategies that work for them. That said, it all boils down to getting customers engaged and increasing profits. What could be the strategy that stands out? It is undoubtedly an emotional connection, and Scott McKain would totally tie in. The bestselling author of ALL Business is Show Business, Scott gives us a sneak peek of what entrepreneurs and business owners can take away from his book to create an impactful strategy that would win the hearts of customers. Having been part of Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame and Professional Speakers Hall of Fame, this legend shows the ropes of the show business philosophy – building an emotional connection with customers, delivering your high concept, and creating an ultimate customer experience. On the side, Scott touches on the power of leading by example and the five factors of an iconic performance.

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