Business Done Differently with Jesse Cole

303: Better Not Bigger: Business Growth As A Byproduct Of Doing Well With Paul Jarvis

January 22, 2020

There is a fine line for companies to identify between going for growth and saying enough. For prolific writer and designer, Paul Jarvis, growth, while it is necessary, should not be the only thing companies strive for. Instead, it is in aiming to be better and not bigger. With this comes learning when to put enough investment and time on a specific goal while thinking about how to support customers better, whether that be through products or services. Paul tells us more about these things in this episode, sharing how he is fundamentally changing mindsets on business and scaling. He also talks about maximizing freedom and profit at the same time, teaching, retaining your existing customers, and more. At the heart of it, Paul shares the importance of how growth serves you and your customers, thinking of growth more as a byproduct of doing well.


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