Business Done Differently with Jesse Cole

301: Creating Your Own Superfans With Pat Flynn

January 8, 2020

Businesses tend to see customers, consumers, and followers merely as numbers. But what if you get past that viewpoint and actually see the people behind them? Pat Flynn believes you’ll gain superfans, who will not only buy your products and services but, most importantly, will support you all the way. Pat is a renowned speaker, best-selling author, high-level entrepreneur, and top podcaster, who has built a tribe of Superfans with his Smart Passive Income website and thought leadership. In this episode, Pat shares with us how you can create your own superfans by nailing your story and make them part of the experience. He lays out the details through his book, Superfans, and lets us in on the many ways you can speak to your customers that shows you have their best intentions in mind. Get inside this episode and learn about giving quick wins, making small bets, putting the spotlight on your fans, and more.

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