Business Done Differently with Jesse Cole

314: Teaming Up For Company Success With Kristi Herold

April 8, 2020

What does a business and sports have in common? Teams, of course. In this episode, Kristi Herold gives insight into developing a team culture within an office environment. Kristi is the Founder of Sport and Social Club, the largest sporting social club in North America. Since starting the business, they have welcomed more than 1.2 million participants and over 100,000 teams. Kristi starts off by relaying how she started out trying to learn about business while already running a few small businesses and eventually moving to start her own sports club in Toronto. She shares how she started out using phone calls to promote her business and encourages her team members to do the same, as well as sending out personalized thank you notes, to this day. Don’t miss this episode as Kristi reveals her vision for the future of the club and invites participants to join in.


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